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Our Dream

While there was a reduction of traditional marketing expenses all over the world, Direct Marketing / Public Relations + Digital Marketing expenses are increasing.

We can see the general trend from researches that Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing expenses will get bigger shares from total advertising market. And the trend in Turkey is harmonic with world trend.

Social and cultural structures of Turkish people are very suitable to give positive feedbacks to one on one designed and developed projects. That's why it can be possible for us to get affections above expectation in activities which were accurately designed.

Brand is a living phenomenon. For this reason "brand launches" or "new product launches" aren't enough to promote the brand to a desired level on consumer's eyes.

Therefore it is important to develop effective communication on every stage with consumers since "the first moment of meeting".

We, KREA Direct, provide your brand's communication not to be just a one-way communication, to be a two-way communication model including feedbacks.

We think that the basis of creating "Loyal" and "Happy" customers is focusing main principles of "Direct Marketing".

Two-way, effective, on the right time, on the right place, to the right target audience and nonstop communication!

We, KREA Direct, believe that success stories about Direct Marketing will come out as an example from Turkey to the whole world.

We are looking forward to "your" project as our next success story.